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Showplace Productions Horse Shows Spring into Action

See Covid-19 Protocols, Hunter Derbies and Grand Prix Schedules for Ledges Sporting Horses. PC: Andrew Ryback Photography

Showplace Summertime June 24-28, 2020 at Ledges

The Showplace Productions team is excited to welcome our horse show family back to Ledges Sporting Horses for a summer filled of 'A' and 'B' competitions and fun! Please visit to review all of our COVID-19 requirements. We will need everyone to have all of their paperwork done electronically and completed before coming to the show. We will be going completely digital with all entries, add & scratches, memberships, etc. All trainers will need to be organized with all of their customers information. 

Our team will do everything we can to ensure a safe and enjoyable competition for you and your horse.
COVID-19 Protocol
 Ledges is going to Grand Prix Ring Sundays!!!

Below is our revised show schedule for this Summer!
Please visit for the revised schedule and prize lists.

'A' Show Dates

  • Showplace Summertime at Ledges:  June 24-28                                       
  • *NEW SHOW* Showplace Summertime II:  August 12-16  
  • Showplace Labor Day Festival:  August 27-30
  • Showplace Fall Preview:  September 3-6 {A & B Show}
  • Showplace Fall Classic:  September 17-20 {A & B Show}
  • Ledges Fall Classic:  September 24-27

'B' Show Dates

  • Showplace Spring:  June 12-14
  • Showplace Summertime:  July 10-12
  • Perfecta Farm:  July 30-August 2
  • Showplace Summertime II:  August 21-23
  • Showplace Fall:  September 4-6 {A & B Show}
  • Showplace Fall II:  September 18-20 {A & B Show}
  • IHJA 'B' Medal Finals:  October 2-4
Showplace Productions looks forward to a fun summer at #weloveledges while keeping our social distance!