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Showplace Productions' Spring Spectacular Highlights Saturday June 13th

Tracy Fenney and MTM Reve Du Paradis win the $50,000 Win Vision Grand Prix at Spring Spectacular II

Tracy Fenney and MTM Reve Du Paradis Cash in at Chicago with $50,000 Win Vision Grand Prix Victory  

By: Kendall Bierer


Wayne, IL - June 13, 2015 - Less than half a second would separate the top three placeholders during the $50,000 Win Vision Grand Prix, sponsored by LUXMAX USA, at the Spring Spectacular II on Saturday. The lead continued to change hands throughout the jump-off, with each consecutive rider gaining speed and taking risks in an attempt to seal their place at the top of the leader board. Today it was Tracy Fenney who set an unbeatable pace with MTM Reve Du Paradis. One inside turn made the difference between first and second, but it was Fenney who dashed through the timers in 41.155 seconds to take the win.


Out of a field of 36 horse and rider combinations, 13 would master the opening track and move onto the Hector Loyola-designed short track, which only seven would jump double clear.


Original pathfinder of the opening course, Lisa Goldman and Aslan, returned to the Grand Prix Ring to take on the seven obstacles. They were the first to post a clear effort, putting on the pressure with a time of 44.100 seconds. Only two rounds later, however, amateur rider Lina Rojas jumped to the top of the ranks with Cafino Z, owned by Mauricio Restrepo, making up time after the split with a fast gallop, dashing over the final oxer in 43.695 seconds.


The lead was short lived as Trapp O'Neal and Capitano, owned by TKO Partnership of Magnolia, TX, broke the beam in 42.323 seconds. He was two seconds ahead of the Rojas after the fifth obstacle of the track, pinning a target to his back as he took over the lead.


Trapp O'Neal and Capitano


Nick Novak and Climbus were fast, but not fast enough to steal the top rank from O'Neal, eventually settling for the fourth place with his clean time of 42.950 seconds.


In the end, it would come down to two.


Known for their speed, Texan Tracy Fenney and Illinois-native Charlie Jayne had spectators on the edge of their seats as they faced off. Jayne rode Playboy, a 9-year-old by Toulon that he personally imported him from Ireland two years ago. Jayne has been working slowly with the bay Belgian Warmblood, only starting him in the grand prix this year. Playboy has continued to prove himself, jumping three grand prix clear, and today performing the quickest Jayne has asked him to yet.


"I just wanted to be smooth with him, fast isn't something I have conquered yet with him," Jayne said. "That was one of my quickest jump-offs with him, I tried to be fast in the turns-I went inside one place, and Tracy went inside another, it turned out that hers was a half second faster."


The inside turn Jayne referred to was one he had originally planned to do himself. During the course walk both he and Fenney remarked that the inside looked like the best option; however, his slice to the skinny just before the turn would limit his ability to commit to the turn during the jump-off course, leaving the door cracked for Fenney to take a chance.


Charlie Jayne and Playboy


Jayne said, "I was going to take the inside turn that she did, it was in my plan, but then I took a real big slice to the skinny. I hate touching Playboy's mouth at the skinny, so I just let him jump it, and by then I was too late to do the inside turn. I tried to go fast around, but that was the difference. I am really happy with how he felt out there, it felt like I was never running him and he was still quick." 


Although Fenney had fallen off earlier in the class with MTM Grand Slam, prior to qualifying for the jump-off with MTM Reve Du Paradis, she still left caution to the wind. In her mind, changing her clothes helped with the karma she needed to win today.


"Well, I fell off of the first one and I had to go and change my pants and my jacket, I just had to have different karma," Fenney laughed. "Everyone was wondering why I was smiling as I walked out of the ring from my fall early on in the class, but it's simple. That was the first time I fell off since my injuries in Ocala. That was a moment that showed me that I am not going to break every time I fall."


During the HITS Ocala winter circuit, Fenney suffered from a fall that would leave her with a broken scapula, broken ribs and a punctured lung. However, it was the courage she felt as she picked herself back off the ground today that helped her take the $50,000 Win Vision Grand Prix victory.


She described, "A good jump-off to me is that each rider continues to get faster and faster, try inside cuts and take risks. The inside turn to the CWD looked very doable when we were walking the course, I saw Bob Brawley make the inside turn and it worked out great, so I knew I could do it. I knew that if I wanted to take a shot of doing the inside that I would need to go a little bit more straight to the skinny. I followed my plan and it worked." 


Fenney continued, "MTM Reve Du Paradis is such a happy horse, he loves his job, he loves to jump and he has a lot of enthusiasm. I have had a fantastic week, next week is going to be hard to compare to."


Tracy Fenney and MTM Reve du Paradis with LUXMAX USA's Robert Scarnechia


Robert Scarnechia, Vice President of LUXMAX USA, sponsor of the $50,000 Win Vision Grand Prix, was ringside to watch the jump-off action unfold. "The class was great, it was very exciting and everyone was really close, it was just as much fun for the spectators as for the exhibitors. We continue to sponsor this series because we as a company and a family believe in these shows. I love Pat Boyle and the way he runs his shows. He brings top athletes here every year, so I like to support that. Every year we will continue to support the shows, help them grow, offer a little more prize money and see even more top riders and exciting jump-offs."


LUXMAX USA is a manufacturer of LED video displays for broadcast, architecture and events. The innovative company has produced the background screen displays for major events, blockbuster television programs and for major concerts for groups such as Maroon 5, Keith Urban, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson and Super Bowl half time shows. The LUXMAX USA/WinVision LED display systems set a new standard for the rental, touring and fixed installation markets.  


 $2,500 Modified Children's Jumper Classic 


Erin Cummins and Lucky


Erin Cummins has frequently competed at the Showplace Production horse shows, but today marked a special moment during her showing career-the day she won the $2,500 Modified Children's Jumper Classic.


Sixteen-year-old Cummins only began riding her deft mount Lucky about a year ago, after her owner left for college. Lucky is a horse that gives her the confidence to take a shot on the course, and today she took it, riding to the win in a speedy 51.518 seconds.


"It was my trainer, Stephanie Collier's idea to try the jumpers," Cummins explained. "I already was riding in the hunters, but we thought that leasing Lucky would be a fun way to try it out. Lucky really helps me out there, because I haven't really done the jumpers much, she gives me some added confidence."


Cummins continued, "I wanted to make sure that I really nailed our round out there today. I had a plan, I stuck to it, and it worked!"

Alison Albelda and Verdicchio earned the second place in the Classic with a time of 52.270 seconds, while Hannah Bernstein and Passioneq Sweet Dream finished third in 56.391 seconds.

$1,500 M/S Children's Jumpers    

Kyle Perkovitch and Everlasting Goodness


Out of a field of 27 competitors, Kyle Perkovitch and Everlasting Goodness took the win in the $1,500 M/S Children's Jumpers. Their time of 46.433 seconds was only a half of a second faster than second place finisher, Hailey Royce and Rapidash. Kesley Taylor and Zelda took home the third place in 48.539 seconds.

"He has a big step and jumps really round, but has more hang time than my other horse," Perkovitch said. "You have to really stay with him on the course, and plan how to cut the time before you go in the ring. I saved time at the Horseflight and during the rollback to the Nutrena, which helped a lot with catching Hailey's time. I followed my plan exactly, and remembered to keep the pace going. The win meant a lot to me since there were so many, and it was so competitive, I couldn't have done it without the support of my family and my trainers Lisa and Mary Goldman."


Perkovitch continued, "I really liked the course, it had a lot of turns, which was fun. It is always fun to compete in the Grand Prix Ring, I like competing in there the best. It is also a lot of fun to compete here as a family. My mom is in the Adult Jumper Classic, so she was able to root for me, and now I have the chance to cheer her on."

$1,500 M/S Adult Jumpers
Rachel Boggus and Wiedam

Rachel Boggus had a fantastic day in the jumpers, riding Wiedam to the first place finish during the $1,500 M/S Adult Jumpers. Her time of 47.013 seconds would prove unstoppable, with Sarah Fisher and Casanova W taking the second place more than a second behind their pace. The original trailblazers of the class, Brenda Perkovitch and Dante-B, captured the third place finish with their time of 49.537 seconds.

$2,500 Modified Adult Jumper Classic

Kaitlyn Calamos and Tuxedo

Kaitlyn Calamos and Tuxedo returned to the winner's circle to capture the $2,500 Modified Adult Jumper Classic for their second consecutive week. They tripped the timer in 50.652 seconds for the win. Second place was awarded to Katie Blis and Roc America, while Lauren Amiri and Malarkey finished in the third place.


$2,500 Puddle Jumper Classic


Maggie Bresch and Keepen Posted


Rounding out the wins for the day was Maggie Bresch and Willie Keepen Posted. They took the classic win in an outstanding jump-off time of 30.530 seconds, nearly six seconds ahead of second place finisher Shelby Spencer and Sechelles who broke the beam in 36.393 seconds. Also riding to the top of the ranks was Jessica Stitt and HJ Quatar who took the third place. 

Tomorrow marks the final day of the Showplace Spring Spectacular II, featuring several highlight events for exhibitors and spectators alike. The $10,000 NAL & M/S Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic and the $10,000 Show Jumping Hall of Fame High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers will usher in the final day of competition for the Spring Spectacular II as the highlight events. Riders will also have the chance to compete in the $5,000 NAL Child Jumper Classic, the $5,000 NAL Adult Jumper Classic and the $2,500 Low Child/Adult Jumper Classic.  


For more information on the Showplace Spring Spectacular Series, please visit:


Student-Athletes Shine During Final Day of Junior Hunters, Sponsored by Upper Echelon Academy 

By: Elaine Wessel

Giavanna Rinaldi and All Wrapped Up


Wayne, IL - June 13, 2015 - The Junior Hunters wrapped up today in Ring III at the Showplace Spring Spectacular II at the Lamplight Equestrian Center, and a number of riders proved their skill over the natural jumps by claiming multiple champion titles. Each Junior division of the penultimate day of competition was sponsored by Upper Echelon Academy, a tutoring service based out of Wellington, Florida that enables students to excel academically without compromising equestrian pursuits. While the riders' victories are impressive in their own right, perhaps even more so is the behind-the-scenes lives and demanding schedules of many A-circuit riders, especially those who are still students. 

Formally started three years ago, but in the works a number of years before that with personal tutors, the Upper Echelon Academy provides customized learning programs for students, mainly equestrians, that are traveling for competitions, as well as students that travel to Wellington for the winter show circuit. It is in this way that the Academy is redefining what it means to be a student-athlete.

"So much travel and being away from home for long periods of time can be such a strain on their academics, so we provide academic support for the students while on the road," Nate Rolfe, Dean of Students, noted. "We have great insight into the lives of the riders due to close relationships with trainers, and are able to set up tutoring times around riding and competition schedules."

Not only are high-level tutors, each with specific specialties, available to students, but the personnel and owners of the Academy have ties to the equestrian community as riders, horse, owners, and circuit-travelers themselves. 

"We have about 60 students enrolled, ages 4 through college-age, but our biggest challenge right now is getting the word out. We have great clients but we would love to have more," Rolfe continued. A number of those students, including Giavanna Rinaldi and Olivia Lawton, were on the Lamplight showgrounds today. It is Rolfe's hope that by increasing awareness through Classic sponsorship, advertisement, and a good reputation that more student-riders like these two will consider using the available services.

One of the Upper Echelon Academy Students, Giavanna Rinaldi, rode her way to the top in the Large Junior Hunter division for the 15 and Under age group aboard Alex Jayne's All Wrapped Up. Coincidentally, the Jayne's have a large stake in the Academy, as Nate Rolfe is married to Hayley Jane Rolfe from Our Day Farm, one of the well-known barns on the showgrounds and a hometown favorite from Elgin, Illinois.

Hailey Livingston and her own Brego showcased themselves to the second prize with their second and fourth place finishes in the division today.

Perhaps it was fate that an Upper Echelon student would have such success on the day the Academy sponsored many of her classes. All Wrapped Up, a bay mare known as "Chari" in the barn, also helped Rinaldi to the win in the $1000 Junior Hunter Classic, sponsored by her own tutoring service. With the Classic running throughout the four Junior divisions of the day, 36 riders hoped to earn the top spot. Of those 36, 16 performed well enough with a score of 75 or higher to qualify for a second trip in the prize-money class. 

It turned into a head-to-head horse race with two riders claiming all of the top five positions. The reserve championship was awarded to Rinaldi by a mere one point differential. With a score of 171, Hunter Holloway and Cascina, the bay 10-year-old mare that Holloway is known to ride sans any tack, took the championship. Not satisfied with just second, Holloway also claimed the third and fourth positions with Any Given Sunday and MTM Retro. All three of Holloway's mounts are owned by Hays Investment Corp. Rinaldi returned for fifth position, earning a score of 158, aboard Natalie Jayne's Outlook.

Hunter Holloway and Cascina

The Hays Investment Corp. horses, out of Topeka, Kansas, had quite the successful day, with achievements not only in the Classic, but two other divisions in the hunter ring, as well. Cascina earned the champion honor in the Small Junior Hunter division, while MTM Retro claimed the same title in the Large Junior Hunter division for the 16-17 age section, both with the 17-year old Hunter Holloway aboard.

"We don't really openly look for horses, but when we come across a good one we try to take advantage of that opportunity and potential investment. I'm lucky enough to have some amazing sponsors and a hard-working team of people that help us with that," Holloway stated of her repertoire of performance horses. On average, the young rider says that she will ride 13 or more on any given show day.

"They do a great job here with the show. We always love it and we'll be sad to leave," Holloway lamented. With the Holloways departing at the end of the show week, the third week of the series will surely bring with it a new lot of champions.

Swapping places from the Classic, second to Cascina in the Small Juniors was Rinaldi aboard Outlook. . The reserve to MTM Retro in the Large Juniors with two strong fences performances was Hennessy, ridden and owned by Emma Lena Green. Today the pair earned a second and fourth, while yesterday they produced a first, second, and sixth. Also performing well over the hunter track this afternoon was Clare Sargent and her mount Coup de Coeur, which she owns, with second and fourth place finishes.

Amanda Roche and Even So

The Junior 3'3" Hunter division, with 16 entries, proved to be a battle to the end and saved the best for last, with one of the final riders in the order of go eventually coming away with the win. Today's champion, Amanda Roche and her horse Even So, rode to third and first place finishes to close out the last two classes of the division today, and combined with the pair's first place finish yesterday, the cumulative points were enough to beat out the other 15 competitors. 

"He was really smooth today, which I think is what put us on top," Roche said of her mount. She has owned Even So for three years now, and the pair used to compete in the 3'6" hunters, but recently decided to downsize to the 3'3" divisions as the chestnut gelding has aged. 

Dream On and Caroline Roethlisberger proved why they deserve top placings on the judges' cards with a reserve finish in the 3'3" division. Although Roethlisberger earned identical placings today as Roche-first and third-the ultimate winner's points from the day prior were too much for her to overcome.

Bailey Andrews and Langdon Street

The $500 Marshall & Sterling Adult Hunter Classic took place in Ring IV later in the afternoon, with Langdon Street and Bailey Andrews proving to be the victorious pair. Langdon Street is owned by Margaret Papka. Second to Andrews was the partnership of Kendall Meijer and Copper Fox LLC's Breckinridge. These two horse and rider combinations beat out 14 other exhibitors to claim the top prizes.

Rounding out the day in the hunter ring was a repeat of yesterday's $500 Marshall & Sterling Children's Hunter Classic. In an identical finish, Julianna Hartwick and her horse Chemin de Prix impressed the judges and took the top placing in the $1000 NAL Children's Hunter Classic for the 14 and Under age group. In a close second was Sloan Hopson and her own Abercrombie, who were also runner-up to Hartwick in the prior day's competition.

Open equitation riders had once last chance to show off during today's competition, their opportunity presenting itself in the form of the USEF/Pessoa Hunt Seat Medal. With the course set at 3'6", all riders compete in the first round and are judged based on their equitation. The leaders are invited back for a second round, with the judge holding discretion to select a smaller group of riders for further testing if desired. Today's competition began with 20 riders, but the final four to test were Clare Sargent on Emma Sargent's Albert, Misty Redd on her own Holyfield, Elizabeth Adelson aboard Four Fillies LLC's Bull Run's Rubicon, and Amanda Pennington with the ride on Cumano Boy Z, owned by Natalie Macken.

After final testing, the winner was determined to be Adelson and Bull Run's Rubicon. This pair has been a frequent sight in the equitation ring over the past two weeks, making appearances in the ASPCA Maclay, the Washington Equitation class, and the USEF Talent Search. Adelson finished an impressive third yesterday in the Maclay, and second to Caitlin Boyle and Diagon Decaré this past Thursday in the Talent Search. That was Boyle's second Talent Search win in two weeks while at the Showplace Spring Spectacular Series, earning her 18th and 19th wins in the class, now just one shy of the Gold Medal distinction. Caitlin is the daughter of Pat Boyle, the visionary and owner of Showplace Productions and the manager of the show during the three-week series.

Caitlin Boyle and Diagon Decaré

The Hunters continue tomorrow, as well as a number of Medal classes, as the Showplace Spring Spectacular reaches its final day of competition for the first week of the three-week series. The highlights of the day will be two $10,000 Jumper Classics taking place in the Grand Prix Ring. For information about Upper Echelon Academy, please visit


For more information on Showplace Productions or upcoming shows, please visit  


Showplace Spring Spectacular Fast Facts:

What: Three-week, USEF Premier / AA rated, Jumper Rating -  5, NAL, WIHS, M&S points eligible Showplace Productions signature event.


Prize List:
Click here for the prize list

Showplace Spring Spectacular I June 2-7, 2014 
Showplace Spring Spectacular II June 9-14, 2014 
Showplace Spring Spectacular III June 16-21, 2014

Lamplight Equestrian Center
6N940 Dunham Road
Wayne, IL 60184

$450,00 in Jumper Prize Money
$250,000 in Hunter Prize Money
$50,0000 Barrington Saddlery Grand Prix Benefitting Assistance in Healthcare
$50,000 Win Vision Grand Prix 
$50,000 Wells Fargo Advisors Grand Prix

Showplace Spring Spectacular I $500 Take 2 TB Jumper Classic
$1,000 Littlewood Farm & the Markman Family Pony Hunter Classic 
$1,000 Littlewood Farm & the Stoeckel Family NAL Children's Hunter Classic
$2,500 Littlewood Farm & the Stoeckel Family Puddle Jumper Classic 
$5,000 NAL Children's Jumper Classic
$5,000 NAL Adult Jumper Classic
$5,000 Canterbury Farm Open Jumper 1.30m

$10,000 Show Jumping Hall of Fame High Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic 
$10,000 NAL Low Junior /Amateur Jumper Classic
$20,000 Bull Run Equestrian Open Welcome Stake
$50,000 Win Vision Grand Prix

Showplace Spring Spectacular II 

$500 Take 2 TB Jumpers Classic 

$1,000 Littlewood Farm & the Stoeckel Family NAL Children's Hunter Classic 

$1,000 Littlewood Farm & The Markman Family Pony Hunter Classic (L,M,S)

$2,500 Believe It Farm Low Amateur Owner Accumulator Class
$2,500 High Junior / Amateur Owner Accumulator Class
$2,500 Believe It Farm Low Junior Jumper Accumulator Class
$5,000 NAL Adult Jumper Classic
$5,000 NAL Children's Jumper Classic
$10,000 NAL Low Junior Amateur Owner Jumper Classic
$10,000 Show Jumping Hall of Fame High Junior/Amateur Owner Classic

$20,000 Nutrena Open Welcome Stake

$50,000 Barrington Saddlery Grand Prix Benefitting Assistance in Healthcare

Showplace Spring Spectacular III 

$500 Take 2 TB Jumpers Classic

$1,500 Telluride Farm / Diane Carney Grooms Class 

$2,500 Littlewood Farm & the Hoch Family Pony Hunter Derby

$2,500 Meadowview Farm Pre Green Hunter Challenge

$2,500 Meadowview Farm Open Hunter Classic 

$2,500 Meadowview Farm Junior Hunter Classic

$2,500 Meadowview Farm Amateur Owner Classic

$2,500 Chicago Equestrian Children's / Adult Hunter Derby

$2,500 Puddle Jumper Classic Sponsored by Littlewood Farm & The Stoeckel Family 

$5,000 Littlewood Farm & the Markman Family Pony Hunter Classic
$5,000 Low Junior Amateur Owner Gamblers Choice
$5,000 High Junior Amateur Owner Gamblers Choice
$7,500 Old Barrington Farm NAL Children's Jumper Classic
$7,500 NAL Adult Jumper Classic
$10,000 Show Jumping Hall of Fame Low Junior Amateur Owner Jumper Classic
$20,000 Show Jumping Hall of Fame High Junior/Amateur Owner Classic
$10,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby sponsored by Old Barrington Farm
$25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby
$20,000 The Novak Family Open Welcome Stake
$50,000 Wells Fargo Advisors Grand Prix
Showplace Equitation Championships with $3,000 Trainer Awards

Over-the-Top Spring Spectacular Hospitality Includes:
Exhibitors dinner party with music from 4-8 p.m. every Friday
Exhibitors dinner party with music from 4-8 p.m. every Saturday
Exhibitors Jersey Mikes Lunch driven around and passed out at 2 p.m. every Saturday
Exhibitors Ice Cream Party every Saturday around 3 p.m. 
VIP Tables at the Grand Prix Ring Luncheon every Saturday at 2 p.m. 
VIP Tables at the Grand Prix Ring Luncheon every Sunday at 1 p.m. 
June 18 Niche Restaurant, Geneva, IL party
Gene and Georgettis USHJA International Hunter Derby Luncheon